Terms of Service


Keldan grants subscribers access to real-time market data in the Keldan app. The market data contains information about Icelandic shares and bonds in real-time.


To become a subscriber a user has to buy a subscription in the app. The subscription is renewed monthly until it is cancelled. The subscription is charged at the beginning of each monthly period. If the subscription fee cannot be charged the access to the real-time data will be closed and the user will be downgraded to the delayed data.


Subscriptions are charged no more than 24 hours before the start of the latest subscription period. The due date of the subscription is the date the user first bought the subscription. The subscription can be cancelled in the setting of App Store for iOS or Play Store for Android. Subscriptions must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the due date, otherwise the subscription fee will be charged and cannot be refunded. A cancellation takes effect the day before the next due date after the request is delivered. The user's access to the real-time data from Keldan is then closed.


A subscription can be refunded if user cannot access real-time market data because of a flaw in the Keldan App.


Keldan reserves the right to make changes to the price of subscription. Users shall be notified of changes to the price by email to the user's given email address.


Users are not permitted to transfer their subscription to a 3th party without approval from Keldan.

Users are not permitted to disseminate to a 3rd party information gathered with the Keldan app.


A real-time subscription to Keldan app is only for private investors.

By agreeing to these terms the user confirms that he classifies as a private investor.

According to the rules of the Icelandic Stock Exchange, subscribers of real-time access are split into two categories: "Professional investor" and "Private investor". According to the rules of the stock exchange there is a price difference between the two categories. Subscribers have to confirm that they classify as a private investor.

  • Private investor:
  • A natural person (and not a corporation, partnership, proprietorship or any other entity whatsoever) who does not perform and is not in any other way engaged in giving investment services.
  • Professional investor:
    1. A corporation, partnership, proprietorship or any other entity whatsoever is a professional user even if they do not run investment services.
    2. A natural person involved in giving investment services.

If it turns out a subscriber classifies as a professional investor their subscription will be closed and the stock exchange reserves the right to charge the relevant user according to the professional investor price list. Users that classify as professional investors can apply for access to KODIAK Pro by sending an email to help@kodi.is.


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